Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Internet (There's nothing wrong with Love )

New Video from Juxtapose

Track:The Internet (There's nothing wrong with Love )
Artist: Michael Ashanti

Director: Tom Norton (me ;-))

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art installation or science experiment?

The following was copied and translated from the German Festo website

The InteractiveWall shows a new architecture, which is dynamic and interactive. It combines the advantages of the bionic Fin Ray® structure with newest automatic control engineering of FESTO. The interactive wall can follow both a headed for operational sequence, and interact with humans before it. In real time the behavior of humans in movement, light and music is converted.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silent Films = Silent Advertsing

"Language is much closer to film than painting is." - Sergei Eisenstein - a pioneering silent filmmaker in early twentieth century.

Silent films are brilliant in their simplicity. Good ones communicate meaning, story and artistic references, while at the same time they try to transcend language, but keeping in mind there can always be the odd cultural misinterpretation of an image.

When music videos came to the forefront in the 80s, critics and academics had a tendency to liken them to silent films for the obvious reason that they lacked dialogue (and also critics often held them in disdain because compared to the traditional forms of films, these failed to tick most of their establish boxes.)

Now 30 years after music videos and about a hundred years after the birth of silent films, advertising is revamping the silent film for it own means.

I'd like to go out there and say this prediction, over the next few years we're going to see more and more online video advertising without any dialogue. It's going to be the Plat De Jour.

Because while the big corps have known for a while their market places aren't confined by language or borders, they have tended to use targeted regional advertising that is culturally specific.

Fair enough too, because pushing a homogeneous global campaigns isn't always the most effective, but economics may be the reason for the new direction.

So anyway, check out this cool advert for a playstation game.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Interactive Music Video - Cold War Kids

There's been loads of attempts at creating interactive music videos before - break artists 'Cold Cut' made something similar to this about 10 years ago, but with theirs, you had to load up their CD ROM and... wait... and wait. It wasn't exactly instant streaming on the Net.

Well, this isn't either, but it's closer.

It's only a matter of time before everything and everyone becomes web 2.0 (we might might even start interacting with each other in real time) but by that stage the web-masterz will be pushing their new high to give us a fix, web 4.0. - So we'll be interacting in the 4.0 dimension.

Check out Cold War kids' interactive video here and remix it

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Röyksopp's Quirky Vids

These guys would be the dream to work with, as they seem to always make quirky videos to market the tunes.

What Else is There?

Directed by Martin De Thurah
Featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife

Happy Up Here

Directed by Reuben Sutherland

The Girl And The Robot

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Experimental film - SURFACE : A film from underneath

I loved this! had to watch it couple of times. Very cool experimental film with a very cool perspective.

Directed by: TU+// Varathit Uthaisri
Sound: Plum// Napat Snidvongs
DP: Jun Oshima
Production: Tong// Thitawan Chaiwong

Original Set design idea : Richi Owaki

SURFACE : A film from underneath from tu on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Example of a homeless girls with magical powers

Music video for Fever Ray's 'when i grow up'

Brief Synopsis
in suburbia, a strange homeless girl has magic powers. (oooh!) She can make the pool react to her mind. (ahhhh) And yet weirdly, she can't take a shower.

but then again, perhaps i'm a hobo-phobe.

Directed by Martin de Thurrah

Do remember watching this?

I used to love watching this as a kid. And now that i've rediscovered it on youtube i'm gonna waste away another zillion hours of my life giggling at it again

La Linea

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Client Negotiations

For anyone who's ever had a client try to negotiate and argue the cost of your service.

The Most visually stunning example of a man wearing a lampshade

This music video by FISCHERSPOONER, elctroclash New Yorkers is the is the most visually stunning example of a man wearing a lampshade.

FISCHERSPOONER "We Are Electric" official music video from SUBVOYANT on Vimeo.

The most Expensive Music Video Ever made!

Michael Jackson will be remembered for many things, for one he was a man who might be called a shopping junky, because everything points to the fact that couldn't get enough of that sweet sensation of spending money. Even when the coins weren't in his little piggy bank, he still managed squeeze $50 million out of his creditors and leave them dry when he passed from this mortal coil.

Well done, Jacko, even compared to ripoff standards set by today's bankers that's quite an effort.

This is allegedly the most expensive video ever made, costing $7 million(US). It was directed by great 90s music video director Mark Romanek, who said it cost that much because Jackson wanted to turn it around in about 2 weeks.

The moral - if you keep throwing money at something, you can make it happen.

Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream
Directed by Mark Romanek

Friday, July 3, 2009

Those Crazy French!

This quirky animation from a couple French motion graphic students.

Virgile from Flying V on Vimeo.

Updated Showreel

check out our New updated showreel

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get Nude! It's the New Look this Summer

Nudity seems to be making it's way further and further into music videos.

I don't mean the usual sexualised imagery of babes showing scantily clad breasts and etc , which you often see in Pop and Hip Hop videos, which are closer to soft porn than nudity, no i'm talking about honest nudity, but in a cheeky way.

Take your clothes off, people!

Today's weather is Partly Cloudy

Very funny animation from Pixar, 'Partly Cloudy' - they're the masters of animation.